Location Change. Calendar Change. Resolution Change.

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Location Change.  Calendar Change.  Resolution Change.

In case you haven’t heard the news – Planting Seeds Counseling and Coaching has moved offices.  We’ve moved out of the house in the Historic District of Frisco into a newly constructed office in West Frisco.  As with any change… We let go of some things that we held fondly…  We let go of some things we were glad to see go. At the same time we are beginning to grab hold of some things… That are new and exciting while… Enduring frustrations over things that are perhaps not as we had hoped.  So is the nature of change…  Some things must be let go of in order to fully...

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Mother’s Day – A Day of Ambivalence

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Mother’s Day is here again and families are preparing for a day of honoring and doting on their beloved mother.  Many will spend the day eating together and celebrating multiple generations of mothers.  Each represented mother will be showered with accolades for the many roles she has played and the many ways she has loved her children.  However, for some this day feels more like a day of suffering rather than celebrating.  While for some people this day reminds them of what they have – for others this day reminds them of what they have not.  Mother’s Day can be a day of...

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Abandoning the “Should”

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Abandoning the “Should”

I leaned in close with anticipation as my sister whispered to me “the worst name to call anyone”.  As my older sister she held much more street knowledge than I, so I was eager for her wisdom.  I won’t tell you the word she passed on to me that day but I do remember her description of why it was so bad.  The person would feel condemned for something they were powerless to change. Well, if I could add a word to my streetwise sister’s bad word list, I would add the word “SHOULD”.  “Should” implies that there is a spreadsheet way of being – and it compares your reality...

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September Is Suicide Prevention Month

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September is Suicide Prevention month. Sadly, it lands just one short month after the world lost one of our most beloved entertainers, Robin Williams.  Suicide prevention is about education, about encouraging each other to be involved and to ask questions, and mostly suicide prevention is about offering hope. On that note, one of the most helpful websites that I have found is:  Specifically, the page “If you are thinking about suicide… read this first” From this website: “Suicide is not chosen; it happens when pain exceeds...

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Mattering Matters

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Knowing that we matter to someone else is a need we all share and one that when met produces pleasant emotions.  With the realization that we matter in the life of another person comes the sense that we are valued, loved, known, included and wanted.  Mattering is particularly important if that other person is someone that matters to you. Marcheta P. Evans and Thelma Duffey wrote in a recent Counseling Today article on mattering, “We know we matter not only when our words, needs and opinions are seen as relevant to the other person, but also when they are important and worthy of...

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The Gift of Emotions

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It has been said that “emotions buried alive never die”.  If you are like me, you might say “yep, that make sense” but with no real understanding of how this concept is lived out in your own life.  So let’s talk about emotions. Some Christian literature talks about emotions as something to be controlled.  Some language gives the impression that many emotions are meant to be eradicated. I’d like to present an alternative view.  Emotions are a gift from God.  We know that God gives good gifts but I get the mental picture of opening up a box of loneliness on Christmas morning...

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