Counseling Services

Individual Counseling

Tami offers a safe environment to explore your concerns and collaborate on methods for reaching your goals.  Individual counseling can be beneficial for:

–          Depression

–          Anxiety

–          Family of origin concerns

–          Adjustment difficulties

–          Stress management/Career Stress

–          Self-concept issues

–          Divorce recovery

–          Loss and grief counseling

–          Shyness/social concerns

–          Healthy boundary development

–          Spiritual concerns

Couples Counseling

Couples counseling is beneficial for developing an intimate and healthy marriage foundation, as well as, healing a marriage that has been wounded.  Tami approaches couples counseling with understanding for each partner’s perspective and the experiences that each partner brings to the relationship.   In couples counseling each partner will work to understand their own family of origin and its impact on their marriage while developing a positive perspective of their partner and their partner’s experiences.  Some of the issues addressed in couples counseling:

–          Conflict resolution

–          Communication

–          Infidelity

–          Reconciliation

–          Building emotional intimacy

–          Financial disagreements

–          Pornography

–          Co-parenting

Family Counseling

In the hectic schedule lived out by many families it can be a challenge to meet the needs of each individual member within the family.  Family counseling offers a safe environment for all members in a family to express their feelings and desires and collaborate on healthy solutions.  Some common familial concerns are:

–          Boundary development and discipline concerns

–          Isolated or disengaged members

–          Adjustment post-divorce/separation

–          Improving family communication

–          Stress reduction

–          Grief and loss healing

Group Counseling

Group Counseling is beneficial when the members each share a similar concern.  Group counseling counteracts isolation, allows the members to gain education and coping strategies, and offers the members a place to explore their interpersonal communication styles.  At this time Tami Schow is facilitating a group for Women whose spouses are struggling with pornography/sexual compulsivity.  More groups may be offered in the future.  If you are interested in participating in group counseling for another concern, please email Tami at with your topic concern.  Tami will schedule a group once participation interest is met.